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we deliver swift and reliable electrical services

At D&G Electric, we deliver swift and reliable electrical services to residential and commercial clients in the North Branch area. We have been in the business for over 30 years, proudly serving our community to the exclusion of all others.

For homeowners in and around North Branch, Minnesota, we’re here to help with any electrical issue you’re facing. Whether you’re changing an outlet, installing a generator, or doing a full home rewiring, D&G Electric is fully equipped to serve your needs. Our emergency services are available 24/7.

For commercial clients in the area, we have a wealth of experience planning and executing electrical solutions for retail properties, industrial complexes, and institutional buildings. Our maintenance programs and CCTV installations also serve to keep your electrical systems and your commercial properties safe.

North Branch is our home and yours – delivering impeccable electrical services to members of our community has always been a top priority. Our knowledge of local electrical codes and infrastructure make D&G Electric the premier choice for any task, from routine maintenance to complex installations.


Emma T.

Called in on a Monday to have a hot tub wired. Showed up Wednesday on time. Doug was very pleasant and did a great job. And cleaned up after himself. Will definitely use again.

Happy Customer

We used this company to install a ceiling fan, move another fan, install a light fixture and wire an antenna. The electrician was efficient, easy to work with and careful not to damage or mar our house. The prices were completely fair.  We would never use any other electrician.

Lisa F.

Mike was great! We had an emergency and he was there right away. Explained everything and found and fixed the problems! He did a great job and was pleasant and professional!!!! Excellent service!!

Patrick T.

D&G (Mike W) was great to work with. Did a really nice job for me,  even on a small residential project, that was probably more headache than it was worth to him, he got it done. I could not be happier. Thanks for a great job.

Jesse P.

D&G Electric does a fair amount of work for us at the industrial factory I work at. They are always friendly and concerned about our satisfaction as a customer. Many times over the years, D&G has responded quickly for us in emergency situations in the middle of the night to help us get running again. D&G Electric has proven to be a great company to work with.

When to Hire a Commercial Electrical Contractor for Electrical Work in Minnesota

Commercial electrical problems are a real issue for businesses because they can impact you in many ways. First, electrical failure may cause people to leave your facility or think you are operating poorly. And wiring issues may trigger potential fire risks that are very problematic for your operation.

In some cases, poor electrical maintenance may cause your insurance rates to rise and impact your success. Hiring the best North Branch, Minnesota commercial electrical contractors is often necessary to maintain safe business operations and electrical upgrades.

Regular Electrical Maintenance

Your electrical system needs to be upgraded regularly to ensure that it runs properly. Often, there’s a good chance that minor problems and errors, such as breaks in your electrical field or frays in your wires, may cause your system to break down if you aren’t careful. Thankfully, commercial electrical contractors can provide the kind of long-term support necessary for businesses like yours.

When you call a commercial electrician for this help, they’ll come to your facility and inspect all of your electrical elements. Then, they’ll walk through them with you to ensure that you understand what to expect. If they need to replace anything, they will let you know. Your electrical contractors will also give you an itemized list of things that must be replaced or upgraded to keep your business safe.

These steps not only help to protect your business from electrical fires but also enhance operational efficiency. For example, your contractors can install new electrical components that help to keep your system operating correctly, such as new transformers, plugs, and electrical boxes. Maintenance of this type is critical and should be performed at least once a year in every business facility.

New Wiring Needs for Building Expansion

Commercial electrical contractors are necessary if you are building a new office for your company or planning on expanding your old one. They will work with your architects and office designers to create a wiring plan that works for your needs. During the construction process, they’ll visit the site and work out your wiring to meet this plan, ensuring that you get the appropriate electrical and cabling design.

They’ll also make sure that your wiring is strong enough to meet your needs and balance its overall design with that of the rest of your building. This process includes identifying places for new plugs, placing the electrical box in an area that makes sense for your power needs, and carefully balancing your electrical load. Improper or poorly planned wiring would otherwise cause your system to struggle to meet your needs, which is a problem that DIY repairs or installation is likely to trigger.

Thankfully, your commercial electrician can ensure that poorly designed systems are either upgraded to be stronger or entirely avoided. As a result, your building should rarely run into troubles with its electrical load or trip any circuit breakers. In this way, your facility will be safer, and your team will be able to operate or add new appliances without worrying about triggering any problems in the process.

Appliance Upgrades and Enhancements

Did you know that a skilled electrician can repair your electric advertising and business signs if they start to fail? For example, they can change out the bulbs, spot problems with your wiring, and take other steps to ensure your system is as smooth as possible. However, they can also add new appliances to your office, such as helping you with connecting printers or scanners to your facility and set them up to run correctly.

Skilled electrical contractors can add new electrical panels throughout your facility, upgrade your sub-panels, and provide other enhancements for your electrical system. They can also spot surge risks and suppress them using surge protection gear or various types of improvements to your wiring. These renovations are often necessary when you change up your appliances in this way and need to balance your power needs to match their electrical output and input.

Just as significantly, your commercial electrical contractors can add a backup generator to your business facility. These generators will kick into gear when the power goes out and let you keep working. Some teams may even add a secondary generator that can operate if your other backup fails. That type of fail-safe protection is an integral part of keeping your business’s electrical elements as safe as possible.

Essential Safety Upgrades for Your Facility

Are you concerned about various electrical dangers or safety problems in your facility? For example, are you worried that lightning could hit your business or a fire impact your office structure? These fears are understandable but can eat you up if you let them take over. As a result, it is crucial to contact commercial electrical contractors who can provide you with the safety support you need.

Lightning protection includes adding metal rods to your business roof and balancing your power load to ensure that it doesn’t surge. Lightning rods help to attract electricity in storms and keep it from your building. And surge protection helps to keep your computers from overloading and burning out. So much vital business data is lost in this way every year, and it can impact your bottom line for years to come.

Just as importantly, a commercial electrician can ensure that your fire alarm systems operate correctly. They’ll check the wiring to make sure it syncs up with your wiring system. Then, they’ll make sure that the wires won’t overload if a fire impacts your facility. Lastly, they’ll make sure that your system is synced in such a way that it will go off if a fire occurs anywhere in your facility.

Let Us Help Your Electrical Needs

The best commercial electrical contractors in North Branch, Minnesota, can perform all of these steps and others to keep your business running smoothly. However, they can also provide other services to handle different problems as they occur, such as potential electrical emergencies and failures.

If any of these services seem vital to your business operation, please contact us at D&G Electric Inc to get the help you need. We can provide regular maintenance, repairs, renovations, and more to keep your business safe from the many potential dangers electrical failure may trigger.

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