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we deliver swift and reliable electrical services

At D&G Electric, we deliver swift and reliable electrical services to residential and commercial clients in the North Branch area. We have been in the business for over 30 years, proudly serving our community to the exclusion of all others.

For homeowners in and around North Branch, Minnesota, we’re here to help with any electrical issue you’re facing. Whether you’re changing an outlet, installing a generator, or doing a full home rewiring, D&G Electric is fully equipped to serve your needs. Our emergency services are available 24/7.

For commercial clients in the area, we have a wealth of experience planning and executing electrical solutions for retail properties, industrial complexes, and institutional buildings. Our maintenance programs and CCTV installations also serve to keep your electrical systems and your commercial properties safe.

North Branch is our home and yours – delivering impeccable electrical services to members of our community has always been a top priority. Our knowledge of local electrical codes and infrastructure make D&G Electric the premier choice for any task, from routine maintenance to complex installations.


Emma T.

Called in on a Monday to have a hot tub wired. Showed up Wednesday on time. Doug was very pleasant and did a great job. And cleaned up after himself. Will definitely use again.

Happy Customer

We used this company to install a ceiling fan, move another fan, install a light fixture and wire an antenna. The electrician was efficient, easy to work with and careful not to damage or mar our house. The prices were completely fair.  We would never use any other electrician.

Lisa F.

Mike was great! We had an emergency and he was there right away. Explained everything and found and fixed the problems! He did a great job and was pleasant and professional!!!! Excellent service!!

Patrick T.

D&G (Mike W) was great to work with. Did a really nice job for me,  even on a small residential project, that was probably more headache than it was worth to him, he got it done. I could not be happier. Thanks for a great job.

Jesse P.

D&G Electric does a fair amount of work for us at the industrial factory I work at. They are always friendly and concerned about our satisfaction as a customer. Many times over the years, D&G has responded quickly for us in emergency situations in the middle of the night to help us get running again. D&G Electric has proven to be a great company to work with.

How an Electrical Contractor Can Help Your Business By Providing Specialized Care Services

Over the years, you’ve probably rarely had to call an electrical contractor in North Branch, Minnesota, for your business. Or maybe you just haven’t called them when you really should have got a licensed electrical contractor there right away? Too many people don’t understand how these experts help their company.

That’s why we’ve compiled a few of the fundamental reasons why electrical services in Minnesota are so critical to your needs. The following benefits will give you the long-term protection you need and help your business stay safe and operational for your employees and customers.

Enhance Your Business Exterior

Have you ever stopped to take a look at the many electrical elements that decorate your business exterior? For example, have you ever watched your lights flicker and go out or seen a burned-out bulb in your business sign? If not, you need to call an electrical contractor right away who is willing to help. These professionals are skilled at handling the many problems that may affect your company’s operation.

When you call a licensed electrical contractor to help you with these problems, you can boost your business’s overall appeal. They replace dead bulbs; they make your light wiring more efficient; they increase the brightness of your advertising signs. They can take any number of steps that make your company stand out from the competition in your field.

So make sure that you call the best electrical services in Minnesota to handle these issues when you see them. If you’re still not convinced, think of how you react when you see a flickering sign or apparent signs of electrical failure on the outside of a business. Are you impressed, or do you laugh and lose some respect for the company? You know the answer, and you deserve to avoid this fate.

Improve Your Facility Interior

Although your business exterior lighting must be attractive to draw in potential customers, your interior lighting is just as important. An excellent electrical contractor can help ensure that your facility is protected in this way. They might replace problematic elements, boost the wiring strength of your office, or provide hands-on repairs for long-term wear-and-tear problems.

These electrical services in Minnesota are essential to your overall business operation. Just think of how you’d react if you walked into an office and saw burned-out light bulbs, apparent wiring damage, and other signs of neglect. You’d probably walk right out and never go back. So think of how your customers will react if they see these signs of apparent electrical damage.

Avoid this problem by contacting a licensed electrical contractor in North Branch to trust to handle this problem. Your team is likely to include a large number of different repair technicians. Each of these professionals can inspect the overall electrical health of your business and decide what repairs must be taken. In this way, you can keep your business interior looking attractive for your customers.

Boost Your Electrical Efficiency

The electrical efficiency of your facility is something you may not seriously consider. Not many business owners do, as they’re too busy worrying about sales and other more pressing concerns. However, minimal degradation in your electrical field can decrease your efficiency and cost you money every month. Thankfully, electrical services in Minnesota can help out here.

For example, a licensed electrical contractor can look through your facility and spot any potentially inefficient elements that may affect your business operation. These concerns may include problems as minor as wiring issues up to poorly operating office equipment. You might be used to that copy and fax machine and fear getting rid of it, but keeping it may only increase your electrical bill.

When working with an electrical contractor on this process, you’ll get the chance to walk through your facility and learn what kind of efficient problems are affecting you. Then, you’ll take the time to work directly with the electrician to handle these issues. Don’t worry: you won’t be doing any repairs. Instead, you’ll help the team know about any potential problems that may exist throughout your facility or show them essential areas that will make their repairs and upgrades that much easier for them.

Protect Against Electrical Dangers

Although electricity is a critical component of any business operation, it is also a potential danger if it isn’t treated with respect and care. Unfortunately, too many companies don’t take the time to ensure that their electrical system is safe and free from the dangers of failure. As a result, it may be necessary to get an electrician who can help you out. These professionals can provide many services, including how they can spot:

  • Potential wire frays that may trigger fires throughout your facility
  • Improperly installed plugs that may trigger sparks and other dangers
  • Poor connections in your bulbs or other appliances may increase fire risk
  • Surge dangers that may spread through your facility and cause issues
  • Appliance failures caused by improper electrical flow and surge management
  • Generator problems that may leave you without electricity when you need it most

All of these issues require a licensed electrical contractor that you can trust. They can provide electrical services in Minnesota that will keep your business operational for years to come. These services are vital to consider if you haven’t done an electrical inspection in years or if your company’s facility is quite old. An electrical contractor can ensure that these dangers persist and trigger other problems, such as the risk of complete electrical failure throughout your business.

Do You Need Help From Trusted Professionals?

These enhancements are just a few of the ways that an electrical contractor can help your North Branch, Minnesota business. For example, they can also provide enhanced advertising lighting that will attract more attention to your company and make it more successful by drawing more people.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us at D&D Electric Inc if you need help with any of these electrical services in Minnesota. Our team consists of fully licensed and trained professionals at the top of their game. If you need an electrical contractor you can trust, just let us know!

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