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we deliver swift and reliable electrical services

At D&G Electric, we deliver swift and reliable electrical services to residential and commercial clients in the North Branch area. We have been in the business for over 30 years, proudly serving our community to the exclusion of all others.

For homeowners in and around North Branch, Minnesota, we’re here to help with any electrical issue you’re facing. Whether you’re changing an outlet, installing a generator, or doing a full home rewiring, D&G Electric is fully equipped to serve your needs. Our emergency services are available 24/7.

For commercial clients in the area, we have a wealth of experience planning and executing electrical solutions for retail properties, industrial complexes, and institutional buildings. Our maintenance programs and CCTV installations also serve to keep your electrical systems and your commercial properties safe.

North Branch is our home and yours – delivering impeccable electrical services to members of our community has always been a top priority. Our knowledge of local electrical codes and infrastructure make D&G Electric the premier choice for any task, from routine maintenance to complex installations.


Emma T.

Called in on a Monday to have a hot tub wired. Showed up Wednesday on time. Doug was very pleasant and did a great job. And cleaned up after himself. Will definitely use again.

Happy Customer

We used this company to install a ceiling fan, move another fan, install a light fixture and wire an antenna. The electrician was efficient, easy to work with and careful not to damage or mar our house. The prices were completely fair.  We would never use any other electrician.

Lisa F.

Mike was great! We had an emergency and he was there right away. Explained everything and found and fixed the problems! He did a great job and was pleasant and professional!!!! Excellent service!!

Patrick T.

D&G (Mike W) was great to work with. Did a really nice job for me,  even on a small residential project, that was probably more headache than it was worth to him, he got it done. I could not be happier. Thanks for a great job.

Jesse P.

D&G Electric does a fair amount of work for us at the industrial factory I work at. They are always friendly and concerned about our satisfaction as a customer. Many times over the years, D&G has responded quickly for us in emergency situations in the middle of the night to help us get running again. D&G Electric has proven to be a great company to work with.

All the Services the Best Licensed Electrician Can Provide to Your Business

All businesses need to call utility specialists from time to time to keep their facility fully operational and safe. For example, your North Branch, Minnesota business needs a licensed electrician who can provide a myriad of different services that will keep your facility secure.

The following services are among the most commonly provided by a commercial electrician in your area. These services require specialized commercial electrical contractors and a team of professionals who understand the needs of local businesses like yours.

Installation of New Electrical Units

A skilled licensed electrician in North Branch can help your business if you need to add new electrical units to your facility at any time. This process is one that you’re likely to experience many times throughout your career, as these items are likely to run down or need replacement at times. Call a commercial electrician for help if you are:

  • Building a new office or business facility for your company
  • Renovating your office or expanding its operation
  • Adding new sub-panels to keep it safe
  • Installing a generator to help protect you during power outages
  • Upgrading your wiring and lighting controls
  • Improving your plugs and wiring safety
  • Providing surge protection from various problems
  • Maintaining your appliances and utilities with ease

It is a good idea to call commercial electrical contractors at least once a year to provide a quick inspection of your facility. They’ll take a look at these items (and more) and give you an idea of what kind of upgrades you need. In this way, you can ensure that you get the new electrical elements necessary for your company’s needs and avoid any long-term complications at the same time.

Repairs On Existing Electrical Items

Even if you aren’t adding new items to your facility, you may need to call a licensed electrician to repair any issues. Many of the problems you’ll experience may be pretty small and hard to notice. Thankfully, your electrician will understand how to spot and repair them as quickly as possible. So make sure to call an electrician when:

  • Enhancing your business signs and replacing burned-out bulbs
  • Inspecting your appliances and providing enhanced repairs
  • Replacing burned-out switches or plugs
  • Checking your surge protectors and other protection items
  • Repairing your circuit breakers to ensure they run properly
  • Boosting your efficiency by replacing old wiring and utilities
  • Increasing business safety by improving frayed wires
  • Helping you with fire alarms and other safety gear
  • Replacing any security equipment that may be malfunctioning

These common repairs require commercial electrical contractors who fully understand the nature of your business. For example, a good commercial electrician will come to your facility and inspect the overall structure of your wiring system. They’ll then identify any minor problems that may be affecting your facility. Thankfully, they can then repair these issues to ensure that they don’t worsen.

Improvements On Advertising Signs

Your signs are an essential element of your business advertising that must not be ignored. Unfortunately, too many people put up their signs and let them degrade with time. This mistake can be rectified by calling a professional licensed electrician. Without this help, you are doing your business a grave disservice that may impact your bottom line for years to come.

For example, your advertising signs (or your business identification signs) provide a strong visual indication of your presence and make it easier for people to find your facility. Unfortunately, they can efficiently run into many problems that may cause them to fail. These include burned-out bulbs, damage to the wiring, and physical damage to the sign itself that may look unprofessional and drive away many people. Thankfully, a commercial electrician can:

  • Replace burned-out bulbs and replace them with better designs
  • Upgrade your wiring and repair frays to keep your electrical flow smooth
  • Clean the surface of the sign to make it look better and more professional
  • Repair some physical damage to the sign to ensure that it doesn’t worsen
  • Ensure that the electrical flow to the sign is as solid and efficient as possible

These repairs and upgrades will help attract more business by making your signs more attractive and practical. If your potential customers see an ugly and poorly operating sign, they’ll be likely to avoid you. So call commercial electrical contractors if you notice any serious issues with your sign that need to be managed as soon as possible.

Emergency Electrical Repairs

At various times throughout your business’ life, there’s a good chance that you might run into emergency electrical problems. For instance, the wiring in your facility may fray to the point where it continually causes an increased fire risk. Or you may run into problems with electrical panels or plugs throughout your business that require a licensed electrician who can help manage this problem with ease.

A good commercial electrician will come to your facility and turn off the electrical flow to ensure that the emergency doesn’t worsen. Then, they’ll inspect everything in your facility to figure out what triggered the problem. Often, troubles develop due to minimal problems but can quickly spread and become a real danger if you don’t contact a professional to help you out right away.

Managing these problems with commercial electrical contractors is critical because your reputation may suffer if you don’t address these easy-to-handle concerns. For instance, if a small wiring problem causes a serious fire and this news spreads through the community, you’ll likely get slower business. And you’ll have to handle an extensive array of repairs and upgrades that may be pretty expensive.

When to Call Our Team

Your North Branch, Minnesota business deserves the kind of help a licensed electrician can provide. Working with a commercial electrician will give you the type of business protection you deserve and keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us at D&G Electric Inc to learn more about these services. Our team will have been carefully trained to provide the kind of short- and long-term installation and repair help that you need to ensure your office is protected from electrical problems.

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